Friday, 19 September 2008

Adobe Redefines Political Correctness

You couldn't make this stuff up! According to Adobe, 'married' is no longer considered to belong to the set 'marital status'. Download the Adobe Media Player, head for Options and then to User Profile. Under Marital Status you will find this:

I haven't quite worked out what 'Previously Committed' means.

Second thoughts, don't bother to download it. Practically everything I've attempted to view feeds me an advert, followed by a black screen with the message 'This video is currently not available in your country'. Guys, here's an idea: now that you know from my profile that I am a committed male from the UK, how about not bothering to offer content that I can't access?

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Feeling Software Photo to 3D Demo

Hot on the heels of the beta release of their Presto3D 3D model marketplace, Feeling Software have released this video demonstration of their forthcoming image-based modelling software:

Feeling Software Demo from joshk on Vimeo.

This appears to be an implementation of the Feeling Real technology they announced a while ago. It is not clear whether there will be a stand-alone version, or whether this will be the latest in the current trend of software+services. A page at Presto3D indicates at least the latter. This has some parallels with Microsoft's Photosynth, where pictures are processed into 3D point clouds and camera pose estimates on the client machine before being uploaded to Microsoft's servers. A few more details are found at the ENLIGHTEN3D blog.