Saturday, 15 September 2007

Automated Object Movie Creation

Having made a couple of object movies from Google Earth by hand, I don't particularly want to repeat the experience! It is repetitive and takes ages: select a viewpoint; grab the screen; give it a filename; repeat 168 times. I had a look at the Google Earth COM API which allows scripting of view positions, but unfortunately its screen capture capabilities are limited to black and white images, with an automatic degradation in image quality every so often.

Fortunately, Luca Rocchi at Google Earth Airlines has come up with a nifty plug-in that allows GE to run in a browser, exposing its interface to javascript. The even nicer thing about it is that it supports proper screen grabs

After a bit of playing I now have a script that automatically generates the image set Pano2QTVR needs to create an object movie. Once its been tidied up and given it a more user friendly interface I'll post it up

For now, here's a preview:

(Drag on the image to stop that annoying autorotation)

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